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“Mythologies”: an Aluna Art Foundation Fundraising Exhibition

Presented by Aluna Curatorial Collective

With paintings, drawings and sculptures by Alex Lago, Ana Albertina Delgado, Leah Brown, Lucía Ballester and María Sánchez.The show will be presented in a space-gallery donated by the “Coral Gables Festival of the Arts” organizers to Aluna Art Foundation, in support to our institution. The sale of the artworks will help support the daily work of these artists, as well as the creation of future exhibition projects in Aluna, a nonprofit organization founded in 2011In Miami.


“Spiritual Fields”


Sonia Falcone, Orlando Alandia, César Rey and Raimundo Travieso

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective

Aluna Curatorial Collective will be presenting the work of three Latin-American contemporary artists (Sonia Falcone, Cesar Rey and Raymundo Travieso) at the Colonial Florida Cultural and Convention Center (Art Museum and Catholic Church) during Art Basel Week 2014. This particular church located at 3220 NW 7th Ave, Miami, houses an important collection of Latin American Art from the colonial period (the most extensive in the United States), (…)


A live well lived: Seymour “Sy” Pollock

Oct.25th to Nov.15th/2014

Curated by Jonathan Rose

An invitation to celebrate the life of scholar, language teacher, and world-traveler Seymour “Sy” Pollock by participating in his its own workspace, recreated in the gallery since the idea of Jonathan Rose.
You are invited to share memories/stories/anecdotes (if you write them and wish someone else to read them, poets and others will be available to do so) about Sy at an interactive art installation.
Jonathan Rose is a bilingual immigration attorney, a cultural activist, and South Florida’s Cultural Correspondent (…)


Women at the Edge of an Island

From June 26th through August 8, 2014

The Cuban Museum in collaboration with Aluna Art Foundation will present “Women at the Edge of an Island”, an exhibition curated by Jesús Rosado and Ileana Fuentes
The exhibition will feature the works of a select group of women artists of the Cuban Diaspora that will initiate a rapprochement with the artistic output of those who find themselves on the margins of their country and/or culture of origin, geographically or existentially. The project seeks to group and exhibit diverse visual expressions […]


Labor: A survey of Works by Angel Vapor

From April 11th to May 31st/2014

Aluna Art Foundation  announce in its new season an exhibition of works by Angel Vapor curated by Ricardo Pau Llosa. A distinguished sculptor who has worked in myriad media—cast bronze and steel as well as carved and assembled wood and stone, clay and ceramics—Vapor has also mastered painting, drawing, and various modes of printmaking. Works in all these […]