Florencio Gelabert Cover Web

Fragmentations and other Parables

June 16 - August 6, 2016

with Miguel Acosta, Alfredo Álvarez Plagaro, Ana Isabel Diez, Florencio Gelabert, Sonia Falcone, Mabel Poblet, Martin Pelenur, and Viviana Zargón

An exhibition curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective at Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery, Miami.

Fragmentation is one of the phenomena characteristic of postmodern culture, as Baudrillard or Jameson noted. The vision of a fragmented world arises from the outbreak of the utopias of the 20th century, but is also associated with the logic of globalized capitalism, which affects the forms of representation and habitat as well as (..)

Botero Cover web

German Botero: Geometer and Archaeologist

April 15th - June 15th, 2016

An Exhibition curated by Adriana Herrera at Durban Signing Gallery, Miami

Botero has managed to traverse, with full coherence, the journey that goes from a constructivist influx to a way of abstraction that links geometry with cultural interventions and, yet beyond, to the sources themselves of the mythical memory of the world. His sculptures and setups open connecting alleys between times and universes written in a very vast chronological line. His exhibition in Durban Segnini Gallery shows the way in which he has worked as a weaver of worlds, unifying symbols and diverse materials using the appropriation of objects (…)