Focus Locus: a Space for Contemporary Photography at Aluna Art Foundation

Opening Reception: June 13th, 2015

ARTE FACTUM/FICTIONS: Viviana Zargón In Viviana Zargón´s artworks the borders are changeable and the viewer confuses the lines between fiction and reality, and between photography and painting, even if there are signs that warn of mimetic illusion that leads us to question the act of representation and its subjective social crossings.
In the sixties, Gerhard Ritcher […]

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Lorna Otero at the Frost Museum. Contemporary families in Miami: A photo album

May 6th – August 30th/2015

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective

An interactive project between Lorna Otero and South Florida residents. The artist, utilizes her talents to construct a tree in one of the museum’s galleries. The leaves of this tree feature dozens of photographs taken by South Florida families engaged in shared activities such as daily meals, family outings and other routines.

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Revision: Angel Delgado

April 18th to June 27th, 2015

Delgado incorporates sculptures and drawings from the last decade, with media such as soaps, trays or sheets derived from the practices of survival from prison. It also presents serigraphs inspired by an alphabet invented then and large paintings about forms of oppression in a dizzying and globalized world but corroded social indifference. This show will take place with the release of several exhibitions dedicated to the concept of Parrhesia, a term which in ancient Greek meant “speak the truth,”- and the contradictions between censorship and the exercise of freedom of thought in artistic creation and literary.


Parrhesiastes: The Cutting Edge of Truth. 26 Graphic Communicators on Censorship and Freedom of Thought

April 18th to July 15th, 2015

With the participation of (in alphabetical order): Ares (Cuba), Badiucao (China), Boligán (Cuba / Mexico), Damien Glez (Burkina-Faso / France), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), The Broken (Spain), Elvis Corrales (Cuba / Italy), Jen Sorense ( USA), Karnika Kahen (India), Karry (Peru), Kuangbiao (China), Lauzán (Cuba / Chile), Liza Donnelly (USA), Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia), (…)