December 2-6, 2015

With (in alphabetical order): Carola Bravo (Venezuela), Fernando Carabajal (Mexico), Ofill Echevarría (Cuba), Nereida García-Ferraz (Cuba), Florencio Gelabert (Cuba), Juan Raúl Hoyos (Colombia), Pablo León de la Barra (Mexico), Ronald Morán (el Salvador), Fernando Otero (Peru), Ernesto Oroza (Cuba), Gamaliel Rodríguez (Puerto Rico), and Viviana Zargón (Argentina).
13 artists from Latin America and the Caribbean will display artworks that are in fact residues of a relational experience within the architectures of their cities. Each one of them reveals the potential reserves of creativity that often (…)


Rogelio López Marín, “Gory”: Notes for a Retrospective (1975-2015)

From November 21, 2015 to January 16, 2016

Composed by paintings, intervened photographs and documentary images belonging to private collections and the archives of the author, the exhibition proposes an anthological study of his work from the intersection of various strategic and conceptual instances: painting as an aesthetic exercise of existential reaffirmation; the practice of photography and the use of the archive as vehicles for articulations of new constructions about the real; and finally Rock music (…)

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A Russian, a Chineses, and a Cuban walk into an Art Show

From September 5th to October 15th, 2015

The twentieth century was marked by the rise and fall of great narratives that attempted to draw near the horizon of social utopia but led to totalitarianism. Nonetheless, the epic iconography of stereotypes and collective paradigms, common in communist countries, also extended its echo to film, advertising, and the rhetoric of American propaganda during the post-war period and throughout the Cold War.