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Walking in Someone Else´s Shoes: Identities in Transit

From December 14th to February 25th, 2014

Graciela Sacco (Argentina); Regina José Galindo (Guatemala); Ronald Morán (Salvador); Roberto Huarcaya (Perú); Cecilia Paredes (Perú-USA); Alexandra Rowley (USA); Patricio Reig (Argentina-Spain), Luis Roldán (Colombia-USA); Walterio Iraheta (Salvador); Humberto Castro (Cuba-USA); Antuán (Cuba-USA); Patricia Schnall-Gutiérrez (USA); Mario Bellatin (Mexico); Willy Castellanos (Cuba-USA); Luis Fernando Peláez (Colombia); Hugo Moro (Cuba-USA); Gustavo Gavilondo (Cuba); Debra Holt (USA); Marina Font (Argentina-USA); and Manuel Zapata (Colombia-USA).


Selected Works by Damien Hirst & Sonia Falcone. Societe Generale Private Bank, Monaco and The Moscow Fine Art Fair 2013

Presented by Magdalena Gabriel Art Fine Art, London. Curated by Adriana Herrera

John Ruskin defined art with a gesture: holding a mirror to life. Vladimir Mayakovski was more convincing: “Art is not a mirror used to reflect the world, but a hammer (…)


Seminal Art (We all are co-creators)

From August 24th to September 30th/ 2013, at The Siberian Center for Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk, Western Siberia.

A show by Sonia Falcone and Artnold Jiménez, curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective

The exhibition approaches art as a means of interrelation with community. Both artists share a multi-ethnic origin, a life of transmigration that leads them to connect (…)


Vanishing Points and Convergences: Salvadorean Artists in Perspective

From July 11th to August 1st, 2013 at The Biscayne Art Center, Miami

With Ronald Morán, Danny Zavaleta, and Luis Cornejo. Produced by Fugalternativa with the curatorial assistance of Aluna Curatorial Collective

This show allows visitors to come into contact with the diversity of the country’s artistic practices (…)


Body, Maps and Territories: Personal Geographies

From January 19th February 23th/2013 Aluna Art Foundation

Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez & Chris Radtke; with the special projects of Maria Martinez-Cañas and Carola Bravo.

The history of representation of the body by women artists broadened its scope in the 20th century (…)