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Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar: His Own Sacred Geometry

November 30, 2017 - March 30, 2018

Curated by Adriana Herrera at Durban Segnini Gallery, Miami

Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar drew, painted and sculpted as an architect of the emptiness celebrating the plenitude of forms created with an intense awareness of that whose breath is destined to extinction and perhaps even more beautiful as a result of it. That awareness of the extinction of everything around us (…)

Portada web Sonia Falcone

Sonia Falcone: Fileds of Life

September 17th to December 30th, 2017

Curated By Aluna Curatorial Collective
Palacio Nacional da Ajuda, Lisboa, Portugal

An artistic intervention that brings together geographies and visions of different times and spaces, promoting dialogues of unity between cultures, and a reconnection with nature (…)

Portada-web-Ronald Moran

Ronald Morán: Immaterial Dialogues

June 16th to July 28th, 2017

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective at CCEMiami

This series has been inspired by Japanese architect, Tadao Ando (n.1941). The architect affirms “to change the dwelling is to change the city and to reform society” which is related on how Moran uses the stairs and mazes to cause perception thresholds and social transformation. Moran uses photos of architectural spaces done by Tadao Ando and covers then with translucent sheets (…)


Neither Barbarism nor Civilization: Cultures in Dialogue

From December 6th to the 10th, 2017

A project by the General Consulate and Center for the Promotion of the Argentinian Republic in Miami, curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective.
With Marta Estrem, Verónica Fazzio, Daniel Fiorda, Liliana Gerardi, Marcela Marcuzzi, Verónica Murphy, Claudio Roncoli, Pablo Soria, and Valeria Yamamoto, as well as works by invited artists Karina Chechick, Pancho Luna y Sergio Vega.

Arturo Cuenca Artwork

The Prodigious Decade: A Selection of Artworks by Cuban Artists from the 80’s Generation

From June 1 to August 30, 2017 at the Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective and Sebastian Laboureau
The exhibit shows this generation of Cuban artists who emerged through a series of ruptures that led to the emergence of New Cuban Art as Luis Camnitzer coined in his reference eponymous book. At the same time, the exhibit will give its audience an idea of how vigorous (…)