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Parrhesiastes: The Cutting Edge of Truth. 26 Graphic Communicators on Censorship and Freedom of Thought

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective

Aluna Art Foundation inaugurates a new headquarter in Little Havana, Miami, on April 18th of 2015, with an exhibition cycle on Truth and Censorship. The inauguration will take place with the release of several exhibitions dedicated to the concept of Parrhesia, a term which in ancient Greek meant “speak the truth,”- and the contradictions between censorship and the exercise of freedom of thought in artistic creation and literary. “In Parrhesia -defines Michel Foucault-, the speaker uses his freedom and chooses frankness instead of persuasion; the truth instead of falsehood or silence; the risk of death instead of life and security; criticism instead of flattery; and moral duty instead of self-interest and moral apathy.”

In Room B “Parriastes: The Cutting Edge of Truth” will be displayed, which consists of a selection of works from 26 renowned graphic humorists and editorial illustrators from America, Europe, Africa and Asia, on the topic of censorship and freedom of thought. They answered Aluna Curatorial Collective’s call asking to send their work in a variety of styles ranging from satirical drawing of the press to the creative design of editorial illustration. Many participants have faced censorship in their countries of origin. The shadow of intolerance has many faces: from job loss and ostracism, to the concrete possibility of jail, exile or physical aggression. But even those working in the relative calm of their studies, these “parriastes” –Greek “who tells the truth”– agree that freedom of opinion is very valuable and volatile, a combat – as the filmmaker Stephanie Valloatto would say- which involves everyone, every day.

“Parriestes” counts with the participation of (in alphabetical order): Ares (Cuba), Badiucao (China), Boligán (Cuba / Mexico), Damien Glez (Burkina-Faso / France), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), The Broken (Spain), Elvis Corrales (Cuba / Italy), Jen Sorense ( USA), Karnika Kahen (India), Karry (Peru), Kuangbiao (China), Lauzán (Cuba / Chile), Liza Donnelly (USA), Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia), Nadia Khari (Tunisia), Nelson Garibello (Colombia / USA ), Plantu (France), Rayma Suprani (Venezuela), Rebel Pepper (China), Omar Santana (Cuba / USA) and Vladdo (Colombia); and guest artists: Ajubel (Cuba / Spain), Arnal Ballester (Spain), Jorge Carruana (from 1921 to 2010, Cuba / Italy), Pep Carrió (Spain) and Raul Arias (Spain).